William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing

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When examining the plays written by Shakespeare there are many instances where the common theme of marriage is shows. In the times of the 1600’s the ceremony of marriage was very common and done in a very orderly and strict fashion. In those time there was no aspects of a genuine love and heart felt marriage but instead they were seen as an agreement between the two parties. In many of the works of Shakespeare many characters deal with the issue of marriage and you begin to see the toll if had on many women involved in these types of marriages. In many different reviews, Journals and other scholarly works shows that there is proof of how the idea of women played a major role in the lives of women and how they were to be treated. Shakespeare presents two sets of marriages, contractual and companionate, in which he shows favor the companionate marriage which was seen as the more favored, ideal and desirable within the relationships. In one of the works of Shakespeare “Much Ado About Nothing” it showed very clearly of how contractual marriage is portrayed. From the get go of the play Claudio’s shows his ideas very clearly about being part of a contractual marriage. When Claudio says that he thinks that Hero is beautiful, a “jewel” Claudio states “ Can the world buy such a jewel?; In mine eyes she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on”(1.1146;151-52). But when he seeks out Don Pedro to help him woo Hero, the real purpose of marriage from Claudio’s point of view becomes…
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