William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing

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Section One
Title Analysis:
As an author, William Shakespeare had titles ranging from the light at heart and ethereal to the rigid and formal. The title, Much Ado About Nothing, is one such title that fits very neatly into his light at heart category. However this doesn 't mean that the title doesn 't reflect the story as in Shakespeare 's other plays. His light at heart stories have titles that are just as reflective as his more serious titles. The title is an obvious indicator of the story that is told within. A story full of nothing doesn’t sound very entertaining though, so how would Shakespeare pull it off?
The title relies heavily on the English language that was used in Shakespeares. Primarily, the way nothing was said, nothing
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The title makes women the sort of focus or central point to the play. The men are working, however its the women they are working towards that make it so nice. This was sort of contradictory to this particular time period’s beliefs in women, usually women were thought of as less than men or inferior. In this play though the women are brought to a certain standing that wasn 't heard of.
William Shakespeare was a renowned actor, playwright, poet and all around word extraordinaire. He was born in 1564 to be precise, and he died in 1616; as an Englishman living in Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England He was married from 1582 till his death, to one Anne Hathaway. He had three children, Hmnet, Judith and Susanna. In his lifetime he wrote countless literature masterpieces that would become classics until this day and is considered to be the greatest writer within the English language. Poetry and plays were his specialty, ranging from the light-hearted romanticism to the death-filled tragedies. He had some roughly forty play and over 150 sonnets with a few long poems to his name, along with some other works that is still being debated to this day over the likelihood of Shakespeare having written them.

The mood, or tone, throughout Much Ado About Nothing seems light-hearted on the surface with just a touch of sarcasm thanks to Benedick and Beatrice but that is merely a covering. Shakespeare is well known for
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