William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing

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Section One
Title Analysis:
As an author, William Shakespeare had titles ranging from the light at heart and ethereal to the rigid and formal. The title, Much Ado About Nothing, is one such title that fits very neatly into his light at heart category. However this doesn 't mean that the title doesn 't reflect the story as in Shakespeare 's other plays. His light at heart stories have titles that are just as reflective as his more serious titles. The title is an obvious indicator of the story that is told within. A story full of nothing doesn’t sound very entertaining though, so how would Shakespeare pull it off?
The title relies heavily on the English language that was used in Shakespeares. Primarily, the way nothing was said, nothing becoming noting which means take notice of or observe something. However these observations and notices of something weren 't necessarily correct, meaning there were a lot of misunderstandings and mis noting. This is basically what leads the entire play, a series of misunderstandings due to eavesdropping, observing things out of context and misreporting them to someone else. Much Ado About Nothing is a play about a lot of worrying over little events that meant nothing. The term nothing could was also ironically a sort of slang term, in that period’s English, for a woman’s nether regions, thus making the title Much Ado About, well you get the picture. Since the play revolves around relationships and the lack thereof between men and women, the…
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