William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing

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‘’Beatrice and Benedick display a kind of agility which is a condition of true life, and compared with them most other characters appear wooden and immobile’’. How far would you agree with this view in terms of the presentation of Benedick and Beatrice in this dramatic comedy?

Shakespearean comic world has a nature of light-heartedness and optimism, in the setting of Messina, everybody either knows, or wants to know, everybody else’s business. Gossip, hearsay and eavesdropping have taken up great proportions of characters’ lives in the world of Messina. It is a place where ‘very few can manage appropriate seriousness’. And among all, the famous Benedick-Beatrice plot in Much Ado About Nothing produces the most whimsical images and thought-provoking ‘merry war’. They are shown at the beginning being playful and sharp-tongued, exchanging spontaneous speeches between themselves. The pair reveals their own ‘appropriate seriousness’ playing along with their unique blend of wit and romance. However, as audiences we don’t get to see the pre-play relationships between the old sparring couple, though it has been indicated that an ambiguious and rather romantic relationship can be inferred from one of Beatrice’s banters with Don Pedro, she states that she ‘gave him use of it, a double heart for his single one’. This may be an interpretation that Benedick and Beatrice had further attachments long before the play had started. (elaborate, add some more BB pre-play.. they have been…
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