William Shakespeare 's Othello - A Diagnosis Of Literary Character, Iago

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A Diagnosis of literary Character,Iago

In a Shakespearean tragedy, no man is left out in the vicious storyline of fate. Meaning in every situation there must be a character that is fraudulent and misleading. To which this character would tell false lies to hopefully make the plot end in disaster. In the dramatic play Othello, Shakespeare unleashes the tale of an interracial marriage between a Moor (Othello) and a Venetian woman. Which continuously builds on internal dialogue, race, gender, and insinuations the characters placed on one another. Moreover, the characters possessing various kinds of mental disorders was a recurring question within the play’s colloquies. In which added more meaning to the characters mental disorders and how they affected the characters in the play. A mental disorder is known as a health condition that seems to affect mood, thinking, and behavior. To which Iago completely supports this belief. Iago has expressed throughout the play in several cases of possessing a mental disorder. Yet, Iago can be seen presenting certain features of these disorders while interacting with other characters in social settings and in his internal monologue. However, based on these key facts it is clear Iago retains the Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder or as Psychologists refer to as Psychopathic Personality disorder is known to inflict criminal behavior. The subject experiencing this

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