William Shakespeare 's Othello And Othello

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Dejenara Williams
January ,18,2017

In this world there are two different types of people. There are those with a fixed mindset and others with a growth mindset . Each of these mindset involve different personality and characteristics. This may create a different outlook on life, meaning different morals and actions. Which happens to come into play while reading shakespeare 's Othello. Most of the characters , maybe even all fit into either categories. Characters like Iago, Othello’s bearer, Desdemona , a venetian lady, Cassio Othello 's second in command and Othello Himself. Throughout the book they all encounter different situations and problems. That mostly happened because of the actions he or
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This explains to be gritty means to be a person with a mindset based off characteristics that resemble having effort , and allowing themselves to have time when trying to fulfill a short and long term goal. So by always thinking about what it takes to reach higher levels instead of worrying about wants , focusing on my needs will allow me to be viewed as gritty. Not only gritty but having a growth mindset. I 've come to see the character in Williams Shakespeare book Othello that is mostly the opposite of me would be Othello himself. Othello plays the role of a caring person. He cares for the pleasures and pays less attention to the important aspects in his life that needs to be handled , first priority. It 's clear that throughout the book one of his main priorities is Desdemona. The writer Williams Shakespeare writes, “ The moor, howbeit that I endure him not is of a constant , loving , noble nature. And i dare think he’ll prove to Desdemona a most dare husband”(79). One can see he cares for desdemona and other characters see this as well. Proving also when you have attachments , which she is to othello, this can be a setback or leverage to others. This can either help you in life by challenging you or be the drastic downfall. Therefore proving my point of view. Another important character whose mindset is easily recognized in this book is Iago. He is
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