William Shakespeare 's Othello And The Canterbury Tales

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In William Shakespeare’s novel, “Othello” and in Geoffrey Chaucer’s novel, The Canterbury Tales, include women throughout both novels. The novel, Othello is written in 1603 and The Canterbury Tales is written in the 1400’s, during the late Middle Ages. Women during the Late Middle Ages and the early Modern Period were portrayed differently then how women are portrayed today. Typically, during this time period of 1400-1600’s, women roles during this time was weak. Women were only allowed to listen to the men in the house and they really were not allowed to talk much about anything to the men or anyone in general. Women were inferior to men during this time period. In these two novels, Othello and The Canterbury Tales, Desdemona, Emilia, and the Wife of Bath, portray women who go against of what is expected of them during the 1400-1600’s. In The Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath is a woman who goes against her role in society as being the “ideal women” during this time period. In her prologue, the Wife of Bath says, “They had given me their land and their treasure; I no longer needed to be diligent to win their love, or show them reverence. They loved me so well, by God above, that I didn’t prize their love!” (Chaucer 191). During the 1400’s, women were inferior to men. Women were known as the “weaker sex.” The men were the ones who were stronger and the ones to tell their wives what they needed to do. Men were in control and in power, that they were the ones in charge of…
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