William Shakespeare 's Othello And The English Language

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Poet, playwright, actor and dramatist, William Shakespeare is one of the most influential and greatest writers up to this day in poetry and the English language. Known, for his many acclaimed works such as his famous plays, “Othello,” “King Lear,” and “Romeo and Juliet” etc. More than four hundred years have passed and William Shakespeare’s work still alive as if it was during the early ages of Shakespeare work. Shakespeare influenced ranges from literature, theater, films and even the English language. Especially, now days in the education system without Shakespeare, English and the American literature as we know it today would not be the same as he is known to be the creator of modern literature. Today, Williams Shakespeare is being taught not only in the English- speaking countries but also in non-English Speaking countries, which his work has been translated into more than a 100 languages. Despite being gone nearly 400 years ago, Shakespeare’s work still influences many and is relevant to today 's society. William Shakespeare has been an icon of English literature, but what makes this historical figure relevant to today 's society? In some other way of another William Shakespeare acclaimed works has made an impact on what the world is now. Although many of his works were written a long time, Shakespeare was able to relate each of his stories and characters with the truths about he human condition, and what is like to be a human being throughout the centuries,
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