William Shakespeare 's Othello And The Green Eyed Monster Essay

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In well-respected author D.R. Godfrey’s critical essay “Shakespeare and the Green Eyed Monster”, he explains, “To proclaim Shakespeare 's Othello as a tragedy of jealousy is but to echo the opinion of every critic who ever wrote about it” (para. 1). In this essay, the role of jealousy is examined in legendary William Shakespeare’s play Othello. Roderigo is not a major character, but he shifts from an introverted character to a wrongfully brave character because he is driven by jealousy over Othello’s role in Desdemona’s life. He lets his inner green-eyed monster cloud his judgement and commits atrocious acts to Cassio. Othello is the protagonist who is driven mad over the false assumption that his wife is cheating on him. Iago’s lies and Othello’s sexuality leave him insecure and vulnerable to Iago’s manipulations. Iago is the cause of all controversy in the play. His jealousy of Othello and Emila’s presumed affair leads him to plot against Othello, using other characters as his puppets and not worrying about how it will affect them. The inability to deny jealousy in this disastrous play causes the tragic downfall of all characters in Othello, but particularly Roderigo, Othello, and Iago.
The opening scene of William Shakespeare’s famous play Othello begins with a character introduced as Roderigo expressing his concerns to Iago. Roderigo is a young, rich, and foolish person that is in pursuit of Desdemona. The first conversation between Iago and Roderigo is very significant
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