William Shakespeare 's Othello - ' Othello ' Or Better Known As ' The Tragedy Of Othello ``

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Awa Fraser
Grit and Mindset in Othello Within the Shakespearean play entitled “Othello” or better known as “The Tragedy of Othello”, there are many instances where grit and mindset are displayed. Most of the characters possess these traits. This play is a tragedy, that basically displays the fruit of many people that have feelings for one person and that fruit is : jealousy. If it continues to germinate, it can ultimately have fatal effects. In my opinion, grit is the ability to follow through with what you plan. That definition relates to mindset because I believe mindset is in actuality the result of the amount of grit you put in. There are those who will do anything to ensure that certain
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This quote represents the amount of grit that resides in Desdemona 's heart. She would not unconditionally love her husband if there was not a desire to develop her relationship with him and vice versa. Although she died, Desdemona still showed grit in her last moments. In accordance to the play she states, “ A guiltless death I die… Nobody- I myself. Farewell. Commend me to my kind lord. O, farewell! “ (Act 5, scene 2 Shakespeare). Presumably, you can infer that Desdemona loves Othello more than anything. She defied her father by marrying him. She even fought death (though her death was inevitable in her husband 's eyes) by proclaiming that she wanted to live.he showed her grit by saying over and over that she did not sleep with Cassio.
The next character who showed grit was of course the main character Othello . According the the author Shakespeare, “ She 's, like a liar, gone to burning hell: Twas I that kill 'd her”(act 5, scene 2 Othello). This quote supports the fact that Othello,overwhelmed by jealousy, had his mindset on strangling Desdemona. Most murderers plan ahead before they actually commit the murder as Othello did. He actually thought it out and decided not to shed her blood but he strangled her instead.
Another way Othello showed grit was by repenting to Desdemona by stabbing himself. He convinced himself that this
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