William Shakespeare 's Othello The Moor Of Venice

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William Shakespeare’s Othello the Moor of Venice, is a tragedy of great manipulation and jealousy that exploits the evil in people and how one could take advantage of another based on their weaknesses and flaws; perfect people do not exist in a world filled of temptation, failure, and suffering as Shakespeare proves the consequences of being trustful and naïve. People of Venice must be aware of the people around them and who they trust because one should live with a reasonable mind in order to avoid being played under a powerful puppet master. The control Iago, the antagonist, places on the people around him will end with influencing character’s he associates himself with, including Othello, Roderigo, Cassio, Emilia, and Desdemona, as he…show more content…
Iago’s intentions lie within his goal to replace Cassio as lieutenant as he complicates many relationships to the extreme, without showing his good qualities and proving himself to Othello as a strong and hard worker. Iago is more complex than what meets the eye, but he’s devious and manipulative towards the people around him; he contains a static personality and will not change because he is who he was meant to be causing mayhem. Othello’s flaw is his insecurity with his security as a husband; he creates assumptions with a falsely placed evidence, he is jealous of his own wife because of it, and trusts the feed of information Iago feeds him creating the entire mess of a situation. Othello is notably an outcast, being a black man in a white society; throughout the entire play he is referred to as “The Moor,” with his skin color resulting in unfavorable assumptions and prompting the association of savage animalistic characteristics. The only justification of his appearance is the fact that he was married to a woman named Desdemona; his love for Desdemona was “in a period when such a marriage would be rare and controversial” (Baker and Womack 1534). He received complications when the town found out how they did not marry under the
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