William Shakespeare 's Othello The Moor Of Venice

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Have you ever been so jealous and crucial that you just start up so much commotion? Well, chaos is what made Othello interesting. Iago causes chaos when he plans to get revenge on Othello from jealousy. The story “Othello the Moor of Venice” is entitled by William Shakespeare. The main characters in Othello are: Desdemona, Iago, Roderigo, and Michael Cassio.
In this story, Iago reveals his true personality to the audience, but not to any of the other characters. Iago is offended that Othello has looked over him and chose Michael Cassio to be his Lieutenant. He plans to use characters throughout the whole story to help him get back at Othello by lying and manipulating everyone he meets. William Shakespeare play Othello focuses on four
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Love makes Othello vulnerable and fragile. The corruption of love and love’s vulnerability made William Shakespeare play a tragedy. Othello blindly believes Iago’s claim of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness, ignoring the words of his loyal and noble wife. Iago’s lies makes Othello decide to kill his wife because he thought she was not faithful to him. He did not trust Desdemona, but he loved her. Desdemona’s love for her husband made her conceal the truth about her missing handkerchief to him. She was very aware of how much it meant to him. She did not desire to hurt him by revealing that she lost the handkerchief. The betrayals would not have resulted in death if Othello’s love for Desdemona was not so strong. When she lost the Handkerchief, Othello finally believed that she no longer loves, and is in love with Cassio. Othello’s love is corrupted. According to Shakespeare play, Othello says, “all kinds of sores and shames,” but he cannot endure the pain in his heart, “the fountain from which my current runs or else dries up.” Shakespeare uses two layers of metaphor in this speech- a fountain as a metaphor for the heart, and the heart as the metaphor for love. Positioning love within the heart is significant because the heart is a vital organ. Othello implies that he either lives or dies according to love. If the heart stops pumping blood like a fountain, then Othello’s veins will dry up and he will die. Othello
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