William Shakespeare 's Prospero Of The Tempest

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On the very face of it, it might be hard to think how Prospero of The Tempest would be William Shakespeare, or even to imagine that this play is a set of symbols and metaphors that provides an allegory for which is to express this play. The research into the argument of Prospero reflecting Shakespeare has made a valid discourse, because it is based on the extending the premise that all of Shakespeare’s works are to some degree associated with his own life.
This idea that using symbols to somehow have meaning outside of the play begs the inevitable questions, who is Caliban identified with then? Who is Ariel? What metaphor is the island referencing? I think this idea is placing the premise of the play into an ill-fated understanding of the play, which is to mistake this play as an autobiography, which is not the kind of writing that Shakespearean scholars will tell you, that he wrote. To accept the premise of this ridiculous argument is to accept the ridiculous premise that Shakespeare did not write his own works. There are certain links between the author of The Tempest and the protagonist of The Tempest, in terms of the works that they do. To suggest that these links are an account of Shakespeare’s, or any writer for that matter is doing around this period. Writers were not known to write stories about their own lives in this period, and the life of the author was not an interesting thing for them to write about. This idea of writing about your own life gained literary…
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