William Shakespeare 's Queen Elizabeth

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Outline Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth, Christianity, tea, all those things are closely related to Scotland and England. However, like all the other things in the world, England and Scotland are not perfect nor ideal. They also have their own dark and bloody history, and one of the most important part of that history is the origin of witch-hunt, or in other words, the execution of witches. Witchcraft was treated as the craft of wise at the very beginning. However, as the following behind witchcraft grew stronger, the conflict between the Christian religious and witchcraft finally lead to the bloody witch-hunt; but witch-hunt is not as simple as a conflict between two beliefs, in fact, the cause behind witch-hunt is the characteristic inside us. Witch-hunt represents not only the fear of witchcraft itself, but also the fear of the unknown and the unstability. Paragraph one: Most people lived in medieval Europe blamed death, accident and other unfortunate things on the witchcraft. The lack of the knowledges to both witchcraft and those unfortunate things made those things become unknown. People were afraid of illness and death, yet the limitation of science made them can’t correctly understand those things. In order to release the fear of unknown, witchcraft became the scapegoat. During the witch-hunt in Salem, Martha Corey was one of the victims. Martha Corey (also spelled Cory), an 81 years old lady, was accused of practicing witchcraft. Then a special sermon was delivered
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