William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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1. Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare a. Plot: Starting in the city streets of Verona, two servants of the opposing houses fight. Though Benvolio (a Montague) tries to stop this, Tybalt (a Capulet) arrives and violence ensues. The Prince sees this and calls, “Hey, do this again and capital punishment will be involved.” Romeo, the emo son, of Lord Montague whines extraordinarily about his “love” (lust) for Rosaline. She is chaste and he wants her. Benvolio tells him, “Your crazy dude; its just one girl,” but typical teenage angst takes its course. In the Capulet household, Paris wants to marry Juliet, but Lord Capulet is all, “She’s too young… in a few years.” A Capulet servant who can’t read the guest list for the Capulet part has Romeo read it. Benvolio convince Romeo to go to this part to forget Rosaline. At the party, Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love. (Who’s Rosaline?) However, this time it’s mutual. Romeo doesn’t know who he loves till he asks the nurse (Juliet’s) who he kissed. Cue the teenage angst. Romeo and Juliet then take the balcony scene. (“Wherefore art thou Romeo…”) Here, the two are all I love you; let’s get married. Romeo and Juliet next go to Friar Lawrence and are all let’s get married secretly. Hopeful for a good resolution, the friar agrees and they are married. Romeo and friends encounter Tybalt who challenges him to a duel. Romeo is all we have a common love, but I can’t share. Mercutio doesn’t want peace and fights Tybalt. Tybalt stabs Mercutio,
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