William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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I believe that Romeo 's and Juliet 's suicidal impulse doesn’t just come from the "love" aspect of the play, but mainly from the "young" aspect. Both Romeo and Juliet are enormously impetuous throughout the drama. Romeo is already been pining away for another girl named Rosaline at the beginning of the play, but immediately forgets her the instant he sees Juliet. (The friar even chides him fast his affections change.) Also, at the beginning of the play, Juliet tells her mother that she 's has no intention of marriage, but of course that changes when she meets Romeo. On top of their natural impulsivity, which the play is littered with before their suicides, both lovers haven’t the experience of a broken heart nor time it takes to heal.…show more content…
As for their age, Romeo is either in his earlier twenties or late teens (I really could not tell the play never broaches it.) and Juliet is but a tender age of thirteen (1.3, 18). While it is clear that these two are rather gifted, but a girl at thirteen years old, is still a child. People can spend their lives with true love never being found, but Juliet believes she found it at thirteen, while in her life so far she has had no experience with it, thus, she may not have a grasp on the concept of Love. Romeo however, has “loved” before; Rosaline was object of affection (1.1, 168), the very afternoon of the day he fell in “love” with Juliet. Through his actions Romeo show he is little fickle with his heart. In the beginning Romeo in anguish as Rosaline does not share his feelings, so he is wonders around Verona alone, avoiding all contact when he can. When Romeo is at the Capulet’s party, he sees Juliet and any thought of Rosaline is gone (1.5). Now had Romeo seen another girl who was prettier then Juliet he might not have fallen for her, or if their relationship had been able to thrive, Romeo might have lost his infatuation with just as quick. Desperation is the key factor in this play. In desperation they fall in love, in desperation they are wed, and through such both die. Juliet’s first scene is with her mother and the nurse in her chambers. Juliet’s mother wishes to talk about Juliet’s future; or
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