William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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On the good side though Romeo and Juliet love at first sight could seem to be true and sincere. Firstly, unlike with Rosaline, both are involved and seem to really love each other. Secondly the language they use about each other is very intense and beautiful, for example when Romeo starts to talk about his lips as pilgrims and her body as a shrine. He want to wipe away the sin of touching the shrine with his hand by using his lips instead, referred to as “two blushing pilgrims”. She replies like a well behaved girl by saying that his hand is good but his lips are too much, even though she wants him and agreed to the hand:
“Good sir you do wrong your hand too much”.
These images of pilgrims and shrines are religious, and religious
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The tragedy and the deaths of the two lovers caused by their loving going against their parents and the society their parent represent. There is the historical sense which the audience of Shakespeare time knew, but also the modem audience for example Asians would relate to. Firstly the idea of love was not accepted in the 16th centre by most people. It was actually seen as an illness as for example when Romeo’s father, Montague, uses the word cure in a medical way about Romeo’s feeling for Rosaline:
“Could we but learn from whence his sorrows grow, We would as willingly give cure as know.”

Secondly children relationships were strictly controlled by the parents especially for marriage. They had good reason because marriageable age was as young as fourteen (year 9 now a days) which according to Lady Capulet is already old enough to be having children:
“Younger than you Here in Verona, ladies of
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