William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Act 3 had a fair amount of crucial pieces to the story so most of the content was necessary to the play as a whole. Shakespeare has clearly used the language that he did for a reason. It is very difficult to short a piece of literature without losing some of what the author originally intended to express. Scene I contains the first real interaction between Miranda and Ferdinand. Prospero forces Ferdinand to carry logs as a punishment however when they think Prospero isn’t around Miranda asks Ferdinand to take a break from the work. Miranda and Ferdinand flirt with each other. Miranda asks if Ferdinand loves her. He replies that he does and they decide to get married. After Miranda and ferdinand exit prospero appears, having heard the…show more content…
They decide that once Prospero has been killed Stephano will be ruler of the island and will marry Miranda while Caliban and Prospero are his men. Ariel leaves to warn prospero of the plot of his murder. For this scene we used the idea of Caliban, Trinculo and Stefano getting drunk and plotting Prospero’s murder. The fighting amongst them was not important to the plot so we choose to not use it in order to save time. We included very little about the details of the plot as well since really the on As far as actions for this scene we mostly just had the characters stumbling around ly crucial part to the plot was that they were plotting to kill prospero and rule the symbolize that they’d been drinking. We also included Ariel notifying Prospero of the plot. This is important to the plot as well because it justifies why prospero later held them captive. In Scene III, Alonso, Adrian, Francisco, Sebastian, Antonio and Gonzalo continue to wander the island. Alonso loses all hope to find his son. Sebastian and Antonio decide to make their move to murder Antonio that night. Prospero sends his spirits with a large banquet for the wandering guests on his island. As they begin to eat Ariel appears, taking credit for the shipwreck, making all the food vanish. He tells them that they have had this misfortune because Alonso banished his brother long ago. Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian being to feel a great deal of guilt at the idea of Prospero being
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