William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy that follows the so-called love of two teenagers. The two fall in love at a masked ball and have a secret marriage. Throughout the play, their actions show how ridiculous love is, and how it is a danger to anyone who become twisted in its choking grasp. However, in the death of the youth and survival of the elders, an alternative explanation for the tragic events may be found. Although Shakespeare seems to be mocking love throughout the play, it is actually foolhardy lust that kills Romeo and Juliet. To begin, Shakespeare goes out of his way to mock the idea of love. The use of Mercutio’s character is very well done, as he serves as both comedic relief and as a way for Shakespeare to voice his skepticism. While looking for Romeo, Mercutio says that he will “conjure too! / Romeo! Humors, madman, passion, lover!” (Shakespeare 2.1.7-8).While Mercutio’s lines function as an innuendo for humor, it also likens the lovesick Romeo to a devil, Mephistopheles, that is to be raised from Hell. Shakespeare is using Mercutio to show how love is like a demon from hell that can only cause suffering. Mercutio’s other occult references also reflect a similar ideology, as he calls love in his monologue of Queen Mab “talk of dreams” that is “nothing but vain fantasy” (Shakespeare 1.4.94-96). It seems that Shakespeare feels that love is an illusion, and that people foolishly fling themselves into relationships and marriages. By the end of the
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