William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Would you love a show that combines Romeo & Juliet and Titanic and has a happy ending? If so, then H.M.S. Pinafore is the play for you. It was performed by the Texas State University School of Music at the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre from 10/22/15-10/25/15. This play had so many great things about it, but a few of the highlights were the actors, the vocalization of the actors, and the set design.
In this story we fell under the typical forbidden love scenario. Our love struck sailor named Ralph Rackstraw falls madly in love with the captain’s daughter Josephine, even though she denies her love for him she finally comes clean about her true feelings for him. The actors in the show were very talented. One in particular absolutely stole the show. Sir Joseph Porter (Connor Scallan) He was very talented and stole the show every time he was on stage. I caught myself waiting for him to come back on the stage because he just brought the life to the play. One moment in particular everyone was getting engaged and not once did he break his character. He was also the character that did the funniest joke of the entire play. That joke led to him making fun of Donald trump running for president. The entire crowd roared with laughter at this joke. Along with him being the goofy character he also acted disinterested as his character did the entire play. He was by far the best character in my opinion. Captain Corcoran (Micah Parker) was a bit disappointing. I felt as though the character
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