William Shakespeare 's ' Romeo And Juliet '

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(At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon is asleep in his bed. He is sleeping on his back with his bare chest shown. As he continues to sleep, his mind wanders) ***Fantasy Dream*** Woman: (sings) "Dillon." (Dillon squints his eyes as he continues to try and sleep) Woman: "Dillon, can you hear me?" (Dillon opens his eyes in confusion. He could swear he knew that voice) Dillon: "Lulu?" (Dillon turns his head to face the woman 's voice, revealed to be Lulu) Dillon: "L-Lulu. What-What are you doing here?" Lulu: (smiles) "I wanted to surprise you." Dillon: (nods) "You certainly did." (He looks at what she 's wearing. He was mesmerized by her light blue lacy top that showed the shape of her rounded breasts. He swallows loudly with his mouth open in delight. The straps of the lingerie are thin and the lacy top goes down to just above her belly button. Her light blue thong lingerie barely covers her lower area. She takes off her light blue rope that is see through) Dillon: "You look so beautiful, Lulu." (She smiles as she crawls over him. With her robe on the floor by Dillon 's bed, she gently sits down on his private area that was covered by his blanket. He groans at the feel of her body against his cock) Dillon: "Do you have any idea of how much I want you right now, Lulu? I have dreamed of his moment so many fucking times." (She smiles as she lets her hands feel his bare chest. He closes his eyes to feel her gentle touches. He deeply breathes as she moves her hands from
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