William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout the course of this essay I am going to discuss whether I think contemporary plays continue to experiment with form and content. Form means how we stage a play and perform it; this could be through mime, physical theatre, comedy, melodrama and many more. The playwright will suggest the best way to convey the drama to the audience but it is important to remember that directors can completely change the form of a play, and this is fairly common with stock material such as Shakespeare – done in modern dress, or with women playing men’s parts. On the other hand, content is the message the play carries through its themes and what the play is about. Form and content have always been experimented with; it isn’t something that has not long ago been introduced. Greek Theatre was a new form once. ‘Greek tragedy as we know it was created in Athens around the time of 523 BC’ (Aristotle, Poetics, 2016) and tragedy now-a-days is one of the most commonly used forms within theatre. Perhaps this shows how contemporary theatre hasn’t moved forward as much as people think.

The two plays I have chosen as examples are Birdland by Simon Stephens and No Romance by Nancy Harris. Birdland is certainly contemporary in content, since it is about the life of a celebrity. Paul is a rock-star, who has been travelling for 15 months on a world tour, which is coming to the end. He is very exhausted and close to having a nervous breakdown. He doesn’t understand the value of money as he has become…
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