William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare is thought to be on of the most superior playwrights in history as proven throughout Romeo and Juliet. Although this may seem like a play just about the Montagues and Capulets detesting one another and their teen children loving one another, it’s about so much more. Throughout the play, Shakespeare starts off with a simple explanation of love through Romeo’s eyes yet as the play proceeds on, it’s obvious that Shakespeare actually had another meaning of love in mind for Romeo. As confusing as this seems, it’s rather simple for one to wrap their mind around when reading the complex words of Shakespeare. Written no less that 400 years ago, the words of Shakespeare are still well known by high school teenage students everywhere and it’s even translated into modern words for everyone to understand. Throughout his usage of literary devices, Shakespeare portrays many different themes, one of them consisting of love. Throughout a five act play Shakespeare changes the view of the author by changing their views on Romeo many times. Originally a hopeless romantic, Romeo will end up dying for the one person he loves through this classical piece, showing his one tragic flaw. In Act I, Romeo is portrayed as a sad romantic, in a deep romantic trance for Rosaline, a young Capulet girl. She’s supposedly rather beautiful, hence Romeo’s infatuation with her throughout the novel as proven in Act I Scene I when Romeo proclaims, “She is rich in beauty, only poor That, when she dies,
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