William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Title: Romeo and Juliet Author: William Shakespeare Genre: Romance and Tragedy. Setting The story is taking place in Verona, Italy, it is a midcentury-1590s background story, and the cultural context was that there is the feuds between the two families; Montagues and Capulets, which were giving attentions to all the people living in Verona. It is really important to know the setting of the story to know the social background of the time that the story was written so that as a reader I can understand the story much better. Point of View Since the book, Romeo and Juliet is a script, all the characters has their point of view. However, mostly, Romeo and Juliet’s point of view is most common point of view in this book. The point of view is important because, as a reader, I can see the storyline with the certain character’s view, which helps me to understand better. I can also recognize the mood and the flow of the story very well in the book, Romeo and Juliet, and also in other books. Atmosphere The mood of the piece is much tensed and very romantic. The reason why it is tensed, it because of the feuds between two families Montagues and Capulets, which causes lots of fights between servants and also Romeo, Mercutio, Tybalt, and Paris. The romantic feeling is from the love between Romeo and Juliet. Their desires to love each other. Tone The tone of this book is very passionate, romantic, emotional, however, also very violent and intense. It’s because of all the love and
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