William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare probably lived in one of the worst times to be alive. Considering that majority of what was happening was not good, he used it to his advantage. Numerous diseases and sicknesses, natural remedies and herbs and most importantly witchcraft. He somehow incorporated all these things into Romeo and Juliet. Assuming his creativity got the best of him, he used all these things in his play and they also played huge parts in his story. All things considered these three important factors in Romeo and Juliet have more history than people thought. In the Renaissance era, as in Shakespeare 's time, plagues were the main cause of people 's deaths but there was one Plague that took most of them, The Black Plague. According to William Eamon…show more content…
These fluids were black bile, phlegm, yellow bile, and blood. Each fluid had its own humor, with black bile being “melancholic,” phlegm being “phlegmatic,” yellow bile being “choleric,” and blood being “sanguine.” (Medicine in the Elizabethan Era). Furthermore, each humor was linked to a specific organ and any disproportion could cause damage to these organs. According to Humorism, each fluid signified something. For example, blood and yellow bile signified youthfulness, black bile and phlegm signified aging. Yellow bile indicated problems with the gall bladder while black bike indicated problems with the spleen. Blood was related to the heart while phlegm meant ailments of the brain. Humorism was not cured in a "normal" way. Some treatments on how to cure Humorism were bloodletting "which the doctor removed blood from the body by opening a vein", cupping "a practice that suctioned a spherical glass cup to an area of the body to increase the blood supply", and even leeching "which attached leeches to the body to suck blood from the patient". Some of these treatments are even used today such as cupping which is usually used when people get deep tissue massages. Other hurmoral treatments that were used are emetics which is"a treatment in which people ingested a substance that made them vomit", and even hot iron therapy "which the physician used a hot iron to heat and dry up an area
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