William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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In New York City in the 1950s, Tony, a former member of the Jets gang finds love with Maria, the younger sister of the powerful Bernardo who leads the Puerto Rican Sharks gang. Before they realized it, they had found themselves in a mess that leads to a massive fight between the rival gangs and ultimately ends with the death of Tony. The police arrive to arrest the killer and the gangs decide to make peace with each other (www.britannica.com). Sound familiar? The musical described is better known as West Side Story, one of the many adaptations that were based on one of Shakespeare 's legendary plays: Romeo and Juliet. Themes such as love, commitment, hatred, and much more can be seen in both plays. Shakespeare’s greatest works have been remade again and again, each time with a slightly different variation, but all with the same themes. His works have given deep insights on life as his plays spotlight the most dramatic and twisted moments of human nature. From his most cherished works, Romeo and Juliet has been the most popular and most performed for all. In this play, the clash of two rivaling families gave way to an inspiring and touching love story of two attached teenagers. While there are many themes that appear throughout the play, the development of the plot highlights a powerful lesson about love. In Romeo and Juliet, the play shows how falling and being in love must be done in moderation.

Love that’s too passionate can lead to irrational decisions. As Juliet ponders…
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