William Shakespeare 's ' Romeo And Juliet '

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Esha Junankar Kate Evard Lit/Writ, Period 6 15 March 2017 Friar Lawrence’s Mistakes Love is considered one of the purest yet most complicated feelings in the world. There are different types of love, friendship love, romantic love, even sexual love. We humans have evolved over time, but the concept of love has not evolved with us. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young passionate lovers whose deaths unite their feuding families. Although no single character deserves all of the blame for the tragic ending in the play, Friar Lawrence can be considered partially responsible because of his decision of immediately agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet, trusting a 14-year old with a highly dangerous potion,…show more content…
This creates more rift between the young lovers and their families. This action also plays an important role in the tragedy itself. It appears that Friar Lawrence’s beliefs about similarities between plants and humans plays a role in the way that he perceives various situations, devising plans that went horribly wrong and contributed to the tragedy. Usually, elaborate and complicated plans do not turn out the way that they are supposed to, especially in this scenario. Later in the play, Romeo is banished from Verona for killing Tybalt. Friar Lawrence tries to help the young lovers using a potion, “ a thing like death to chide away this shame, that cop’st with death himself to ‘scape from it...And if thou dearest, I’ll give thee remedy.” (183). This potion would make Juliet appear dead for 42 hours, and then she would arise. Giving an almost deadly potion to a 14-year old does not seem like a responsible measure to take. Friar thinks that when Paris sees Juliet dead, he will stop pursuing Juliet for once and Juliet will stay loyal to Romeo. Friar sends a “letter was not nice but full of charge of dear import, and neglecting it may do much danger.” (219). This letter includes the potion plot and what Friar’s intentions were. Unfortunately, Romeo never receives this letter and never gets to know that Juliet will stay loyal to Romeo,
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