William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 138

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Trials and Tribulations Everyone has been in a relationship before where you know your partner may not be faithful or trustworthy. Unfortunatley, this comes as a very common feeling in most relationships. Sometimes it is just easier to ignore the obvious rather than accepting the facts. Sadly this is exactly how this poem seems to plays out. Sonnet 138 is one of William Shakespeare most famous sonnets. The poem emphasizes the effects of age on the relationship, the mutual decision of dishonesty, and the mysterious and infamous ‘Dark Lady’. Subsequently, in the sonnet Shakespeare references a lot to his numerical number in life. The line “that she might think me some untutored youth” points out that the speaker is self-conscious about his age. He stresses his awareness that his best days are behind him; a truth that his lover knows but ignores. The narrator expresses that his mistress declares him youthful, even though they both know he is not. He understands that the two of them are lying to each other for the sake of their relationship to live. Mindful that the mistress has vowed to make him happy, he knows the reality that he is in fact older and wiser. “She fantasies about him being young, and hopes he hasn’t been through too many experiences” (Fresques). When the mistress speaks to him and confesses her love, she knows its not to be true. However, Shakespeare seems to be grateful for the company she provides him, the love she professes, and the unspoken trust a
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