William Shakespeare 's ' Sonnets '

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As a poet, Shakespeare glorified the beauty of his love with the beauty of seasons and nature, while strongly opposing the passage of time with its destructive nature. In his 154 sonnets, there are clear examples of passage of time that highlight both his stylistic techniques as well as key personal events in his life. Early poems discuss his thoughts about love and birth, while later works typify his romantic nature with vivid imagery that highlight beauty. Although Shakespeare’s poems center on the subject of love, scholarly articles such as Poets.org or Schiffer articles both argue that sonnets 1-126 are addressed to a noble handsome young man, and sonnets 127-152, to one of Shakespeare’s loves a “Dark Lady”. In sonnet 12, line…show more content…
In the opening line of the poem, Shakespeare questions the measure of beauty by comparing it to a summer’s day, explaining that his love’s beauty is even greater than the beauty of the summer as highlighted in line 2. In the next two lines, Shakespeare criticizes as well as emphasizes the fragility and the short duration of beauty in lines three and four. In line four, the use of the word ‘lease’ reemphasizes the fact that everything including beauty can only remain beautiful for a limited amount of time before it is stripped away by the ticking clock of time. Shakespeare continues to discuss the theme of mortality, by comparing the fragility of the sun, seasons and gold. In line 6 for
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