William Shakespeare 's ' The Crucible '

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As You Like It, a Shakespearean comedy, follows the journey of Rosalind, a lady of the Court, who is banished to the Forest of Arden by her uncle, Duke Frederick. The reason for her banishment involves her father, Duke Senior, who was previously usurped by the aforementioned brother and sent the Forest of Arden. Rosalind is allowed to stay in Court by merit of her friendship with Celia, Duke Frederick’s daughter. Eventually however, the Duke decides to banish Rosalind to Arden, prompting Celia to leave with her friend. Once in the Forest, Rosalind changes her name to Ganymede and pretends to be a man, while Celia takes on the alias of Aliena. The two are accompanied by Touchstone, the Court fool, quickly purchase a cottage, and become…show more content…
Celia sets the tone of the rest of the story; exile is not a curse, but the path to liberty, if taken in the right manner. She does not fear the Forest, nor does she allow an understandably detrimental situation affect her spirit; rather she takes it and promptly makes the most out of the situation they have been placed in. Orlando has a different approach to his banishment. He sees it as an intolerable situation; although the kindness of his servant, Adam, calms him somewhat, his anger remains unquenched. His vulgarity erupts upon trying to find food for Adam, resulting in his storming into Duke Senior’s camp with his sword drawn and demanding food from the Duke, who responds in traditional fashion. “DUKE SENIOR, [To Orlando]: Art thou thus boldened, man, by thy distress,/Or else a rude despiser of good manners,/That in civility thou seem’st so empty?// ORLANDO: You touched my vein at first. The thorny point/Of bare distress hath ta’en from me the show/Of smooth civility, yet am I inland bred/And know some nurture. But forbear, I say./He dies that touches any of this fruit/Till I and my affairs are answerèd.// JAQUES: An you will not be answered with reason, I must die.// DUKE SENIOR, [To Orlando]: What would you have? Your gentleness shall force/More than your force move us to gentleness” (II.vii, Lines 96-108). While no one went to Arden by choice, many adapted to it, however Orlando demonstrates his inflexibility,
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