William Shakespeare 's The Field Trip

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While I have gone to a few live events, the only theatrical one that I seem to remember was the one live event I paid the least attention to. In my junior year of high school, everyone in our year who was taking the Shakespearean English class took a field trip to the Tennessee Shakespeare Company that operated out of a building located about fifteen minutes from my school. The aim of the field trip was to learn more about Shakespeare from a perspective based more on producing and acting, rather than one based on purely the script. Naturally, as we were given the exceedingly rare opportunity to not attend more than half of our classes that day, we were incredibly hyped up… for everything that was not related to Shakespeare. Now, this does not mean that we all hated Shakespeare, because a few of us did enjoy a few of his works that we had read so far. However, when it comes to the choice between something remotely academic, and something not, the something not will win 9 out of 10 times, especially if you are dealing with around 70-80 sixteen and seventeen year old guys. It did not help that I had a supplementary football workout form 6:00 to 7:30 in the morning that day and wanted to do nothing but chill that day, rather than do something educational.

The day consisted of a tour of the facilities, in which everyone just talked amongst themselves, the tour guides tried to boast about how great they were, and one person actually ditched when no one was looking, a lunch break,…
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