William Shakespeare 's The Forest Of Arden And The Court

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As humans behave: in society and nature As you like it, a play written by William Shakespeare in 1623, is a comical interpretation of the antithesis between living in nature versus living in a society. The play addresses philosophical dilemmas that connect how the characters behave. Throughout the comparison of these two settings, the reader is exposed to various levels of human interaction. Initially, the first interaction demonstrates how the characters treat one another in direct confrontations. Likewise, the second interaction approaches familial relationships that demonstrate individual fluctuations depending on where the characters interact. To capture this theme, the author relies on juxtaposition and dynamic characters. Consequently, Shakespeare highlights the irony of human behavior by exposing dynamic characters to two different settings, the Forest of Arden and the Court. Ultimately, the play suggests that interacting with nature creates a utopian society that contrasts with a hierarchical court, thus demonstrating how the characters can reinvent themselves in roles inaccessible to them before. Initially, the play begins in the Court setting where the hierarchal structure destroys family bonds among family members. One example that vividly captures this family conflict is the relationship between Orlando and Oliver. Orlando is the starting character of the play and his dialogue describes how…
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