William Shakespeare 's The Glass Menagerie

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In the past, I have seen two Shakespeare live performances so I decided I wanted to switch it up to another playwright. I chose Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie. The performance was outstanding. During the previous Shakespeare performances I’ve seen, I slept through the play including intermission. Yet, during Williams, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time with 100% of my attention drawn straight to the performance. The setting of the play brought on an almost “at home” type of feel. Just looking at the stage made me feel like I was at my grandmother 's house. The Glass Menagerie is about a small family in St. Louis. There’s a portrait of the deceased father/husband on the wall, who they often refer to throughout the play. The daughter, Laura Wingfield, has a limp and is also single compared to her mother, Amanda Wingfield who at that age has gentlemen callers lined up for her. The son, Tom Wingfield, works at a factory with the old high school athlete, Jim O’Connor. Amanda wants Laura to marry someone but Laura often refers to herself as cripple because of a small limp she has. Amanda then asks Tom to invite over one of his friends from work so he and Laura can get to know each other. Prior to the visit, Laura realizes that the man who is coming over for dinner was once her high school crush who gave her the nickname Blue Roses after misinterpreting the word Pleurosis. During the visit, Laura and Mr. O’Connor gets some alone time and eventually kiss, only
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