William Shakespeare 's ' The Knights Of The Dark Ages '

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In the 1950s you would seldom catch a man and woman walking together with the woman on the side closest to the road. Men would also never be caught wearing a hat inside. They stood up when a woman entered or exited the room and had the utmost respect for them. Families left their houses unlocked and allowed their children to roam free without worry of someone taking them. Rarely are any of these instances present in today’s society. This could be due to many different things as a result of change in society. The biggest question, however, is what happened? Why are these things not hardly put into practice anymore? Where did society go wrong and how does it get it back? Manners, in general, have been in existence since Adam and Eve first roamed the earth. The knights of the dark ages actually lived, and in some instances, died, by a code of manners. Even up into the late twentieth century manners and chivalry were taught and practiced by the majority of the human population and people took great pride in it. Men and women as a whole had much more respect for other people as well as themselves. However, in the past few decades, society has changed the way people view others in a bad way. Parents have lost the respect of their children, men have lost respect for women, and women have lost respect for themselves. Society is so engulfed in being politically correct, that it has lost the fundamental moral values of treating people with kindness and expressing care. In order to
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