William Shakespeare 's The Lord Of The Flies

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The shapeshifter goes back and forth between ally and enemy. More often is someone in the hero’s life that was thought to be a friend but turns around and stabs the hero in the back. But it can go the other way as well. Someone that the hero thought was an enemy could end up being a great ally. The shapeshifter can be identified this way by the actions of the character or how the hero views the character. The guardian in the story is the character that tries to get the hero to abandon the quest. The character shows up at any part of the quest and blocks or prevents the hero from the next part of the story. Sometimes this could be seen as obstacles that make the quest harder to complete. The guardian or obstacle must be defeated in some way in order to move on with the quest. The shadow is the villain in the story. The shadow’s only purpose is to cause conflict or strife for the hero. The shadow does not have to be a character or be in the hero’s life physically. It can also be like a mirror for what the hero could become if the hero breaks down and goes down the wrong path. If the hero succeeds in the quest it makes the success more meaningful because that means the shadow lost. The characters within a story can hold a multiple of these roles within the quest. Sometimes these character roles are hard to spot within the text because the character may not hold as an important part or impact within the quest. Now that the major character roles are known, the hero quest
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