William Shakespeare 's The Man From Stratford On Avon

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The debate of the true authorship of Shakespeare is one that has been argued for centuries. While there are various theories to suggest that William Shakespeare, the man from Stratford on Avon was not the true author of the plays produced within his lifetime, one theory in particular seems to hold the most concrete evidence. The authorship theory about Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford seems to have the most historical evidence proving that he is the writer of the plays and sonnets under the pseudonym William Shakespeare. Looking at DeVere’s personal life, one can see how his social status and access to higher education would have made it more credible for him to have written such literary masterpieces. Various circumstances of historical fact found about de Vere’s life are mirrored in the circumstances and relationships found within the works of Shakespeare. The rich settings in which many of the plays are set include traditional and historical details that could not have been available to anyone who did not travel to these places themselves. Lastly many of the biblical passages and allusions found in the work of Shakespeare are also found in the Bible that de Vere had his personal marks. There are too many historical facts found about DeVere that coincide with the plays of Shakespeare that cannot be brushed aside as coincidence. This essay will aim to show how these historical facts lead to solid proof that Edward DeVere was in fact the true author of the works
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