William Shakespeare 's The Midsummer Night Dream

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Our group focused on a chapter from Shakespeare’s Festive Comedy, “May Games and Metamorphoses on a Midsummer Night” by Barber, C.L. From this section of the book, it gave me a new insight regarding to Shakespeare’s play The Midsummer 's Night Dream. Barber did a great job in his explanation on the romance part of the play and also on the metamorphoses part, however he was unorganized and the methods he used to explain his ideas were confusing. In the scene, where Lysander and Hermia plans to escape, Barber refers to Romeo and Juliet. At that point of the play, they are star-cross lovers and their love is being frowned upon Also, Lysander refers to their love as a struck of lighten meaning it was love at first sight, which also happened in Romeo and Juliet. When people fall in love at first sight it shows that love itself is blind. Their relationship is out of the ordinary because during the Renaissance it is the parents or authorities that took control over marriage. Those that reject that rule usually ends in a tragedy. Another scene that Barber amplifies love is blind, was the scene between Demetrius and Helena. Demetrius, who just fell out of love with Helena, was blindly in love with Hermia who despises him. Helena whom would give the world to be with Demetrius is also blind by love because no matter how hard Demetrius pushes her away, she still clingy to him. If love was not in fact blind then even the love potion would have not blinded Lysander from loving Hermia
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