William Shakespeare 's ' The Night ' And ' Notre Dame '

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The next two days in Paris passed all too quickly for Virginia and me. Sometimes we were with the others, but we did a lot of solo wandering too. We did visit the Louvre and Notre Dame. I still have some of those pictures somewhere. I could find them if I really wanted to find them, but I am afraid if I did, they would ultimately make me sad. We were so happy and so much in love as only sixteen and a half can make you.

The night after Art and Shirley had dinner, he and Benny went out with Carol and Shirley for dinner. Virginia and I had our dinner in the room. I had planned on a great dinner, but all we felt like when the time came was a simple snack. I think the both of us were a bit nervous. Hell, I knew I was. Making hasty love on a
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"You have no idea how happy that makes me, Virginia. As much as I want -wanted- to do just that, I heard my dad in my head, telling me to be sure of my emotions before I acted."

She laughed again. "You too? My mother has been yammering in my ear for the last ten minutes to put you off. I think they know a lot more than we give them credit. We 're not fooling them, are we?"

I chuckled. "I know I 'm not. My dad has me pegged."

"I have a feeling they know exactly what we 're going through right now. Maybe that 's why they let us go on this trip. They want to see how responsible we really are."

I stood, pulling her to her feet at the same time. "So, we 'll do just that." I kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

We spent the next two hours on the couch. I sat, reclining against one of the plush arms, and Virginia stretched out with her head in my lap.

"I want to be an artist," Virginia said. "Not one of those angry artists, but someone soft and dreamy. I could be an illustrator for children 's books."

"You 'd be good at that. I 've seen those drawings you have on your bedroom wall. Pretty cool."

"Thanks. What do you want to do?"

"My dad 's been urging me to join the air force. I 'm not sure about that. When we were on our way over here, they gave us a tour of the ship. I thought the radio room was cool. I can read Morse code, you know. Maybe I 'll do something like that, but in the navy."

We talked further of our goals in
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