William Shakespeare 's ' The Red Cedar '

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In reality the world needed another Olivia Benson and I believed I would be just that. However I wanted a challenge so I decided to be Imani Horne the Criminal Attorney. After years of watching intense show downs in the courtroom I thought I’d found my calling. I was selected for an internship with Samuel Terry. While attending several murder cases it took one family court case to drive me away from being a Criminal Attorney. I can still imagine the uttering cries of the mother and her children. There I found my calling, adolescents! Throughout high school my passion were the greats, Shakespeare, Poe, Hemingway, Dickens, Twain, and the list goes on. In particular Shakespeare picked my brain constantly. His works have survived and remain triumphant even today. Though teachings were shallow I still remained engulfed by his works. Which lead me to dive into English on the banks of the Red Cedar. My plan was to begin with the foundations of my literary study to sharpen my skills. This meant the introduction of how we read and what to look for also known as “close reading.” The Introduction to Reading Poetry with Mr.Pogue equipped me to understand the poets hidden persona and how to make sense of it. As this was a challenging course I believed I still wanted to embark on this journey. The Foundations of Literary study with Mrs.Barksdale-Shaw molded me to decipher all types of works. Literary works ranged from poems, music lyrics, and even plays. By the time I completed the

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