William Shakespeare 's The Taming Of The Shrew

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William Shakespeare 's ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ is a controversial comedy that has more than 1 interpretation. The 2 prominent interpretations is that it a misogynistic play or that it is a love story about a man liberating a woman. This play has been adapted into any movies the 2 that were studied were ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, produced in 1967 and ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, made in 1999. Upon viewing these 2 movies I found that ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ had a great deal of misogyny throughout the plot. However, I found ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ was portrayed as a love story and because of this I thought I was, until I thought about the fact that someone was paid to take her out was a nasty thing to do. So as a result of this I…show more content…
He then uses the technique for training birds of prey, to train her to obey him. Finally at Bianca’s wedding Kate gives a speech about being a good wife and obey their husbands. I found this movie misogynistic, Katerina was wild and shrewish, however that is no valid reason to physiologically abuse her. I took this as Shakespeare has created a character that tests society 's boundaries and challenges the people 's beliefs, but she is then forced to marry and she is ‘tamed’. In a way Shakespeare is sending a message that if a woman challenges society they will end up the same as all of the other woman, obedient and a business deal. This may be ok in the Elizabethan era but in today’s society this is unacceptable it’s basically domestic violence. For this reason I believe Petruchio’s behavior is horrible. He abused her for a game. In the end when Katerina gives a speech to the crowd shows that she has succumb to the ‘falconry’.

‘10 Things I Hate About You’ is a modernised adaptation explores a teenage ‘shrew’ life and the modernised world of dating and trying to ‘fit in’. Kat, the independent 18 year old with an attitude, refuses to ‘follow the crowd’. Bianca, her younger sister, however, is popular and wants to date. Their father is an obstetrician and he is afraid that is they date they will get pregnant and their life will be ruined. As Kat is against dating, their dad decides
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