William Shakespeare 's The Tempest

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Shakespeare’s plays are divided into two categories; tragedy and comedy. Though most of Shakespearian plays are tragedies, Shakespeare was also a magician in writing comedies. The Tempest is one of the most popular Shakespearian comedies. Both tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare deal with the struggle and the conflict of the protagonist and other characters with the external environment. The characters of the tragedies have to be overwhelmed while the characters of comedies achieve triumph and succeed in the end. The Tempest has all the attribute of a typical Shakespearian comedy. The paper aims to analyze the attributes of Shakespearian comedies found in “The Tempest” Like other comedies, The Tempest has a very strong and at the same…show more content…
The second part of the plot also introduces some major characters such as Ariel, a captive servant of Prospero. Other active characters in this part are Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, and Ferdinand. The complications remain in this part with the development of the sub-plot of the alliance among Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. Shakespeare uses comedy while handling this subplot. The third part is full of crisis and climax where Prospero prepares magic banquet for his enemies. The forth part is called a resolution in which the audiences are introduced about the marriage contract of Miranda and Ferdinand. Ariel appears in the scene with the news with the failure of Caliban plot. The final stage of the plot is the conclusion. In this part, Alonso came to know that his son is alive and he is in love with Prospero’s daughter. Prospero gets back his dukedom and the play ends with forgiveness. The number of characters has made the plot more complex. Shakespearian comedies have some common characteristics which are found in The Tempest. The first characteristic of Shakespearian comedy is that there is a struggle of young lovers. They have to go through many adversaries to achieve their love. Miranda is a passive character and Ferdinand is also not the hero of the play. But they are the important couple of the play. Miranda is shown as a meek lady who is very faithful to her love when she says, “I am your wife, if you will marry me; / If not,
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