William Shakespeare 's The Tempest

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William Shakespare’s The Tempest introduces a dynamic and colorful protagonist, Prospero. Throughout the play, he establishes himself as a multi dimensional character. Prospero’s interaction with other characters in the play is vital in uncovering the many different sides of his personality. Prospero displays a different part of his personality when he interacts with Caliban, Ariel, and Ferdinand, all of whom are ploys in his master plan to regain his crown. Prospero assimilates his personality to reflect those who he is interacting with in order to manipulate them into helping him fulfill his own agenda of reclaiming Milan from his brother. Prospero’s authoritative nature can be seen as a parallel to the behavior of New World colonists,…show more content…
Prospero’s interaction with Caliban may at first be seen as cruel and inhumane. Neverthless, Prospero does not denounce Caliban without reason and even teaches Caliban a helpful skill, the skill of language. Prospero’s relationship with Caliban shows the readers the cruel side of Prospero while simultaneously depicting his reasonable side. This interaction is similar to the interaction between colonists and the New World natives. Colonists would arrive on new and unknown lands and befriend the natives to gain knowledge about the new terrain. But, once the colonists had no use of the indigenous people, they were enslaved and used to the advantage of the mother country. Another character that Prospero has an authoritative relationship with is the spirit of Ariel. Nevertheless, Prospero’s relationship with Ariel is less brutal than his relationship with Caliban. Prospero also commands Ariel to do things for him that will make it easier for him to regain his crown, however, Prospero gives Ariel an incentive for complying with his rules. Throughout the play, Prospero promises Ariel that after he gets his dukedom back, Ariel will be set free to do as he pleases on the island. While Prospero does abide by his promise in the end, he strings Ariel along for a long time before actually following through with his word. Prospero keeps adding another task
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