William Shakespeare 's The West A Full Length Play

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Plays have been around for many years, they have transformed through the years, getting better and better. A play would be considered as an event that is held at the theatre which means “seeing place”. Plays have a playwright who creates the play and then there are actors, or characters, who take the role of the people in the play to make it come alive for the audience. Theatres and plays come from ancient Greece. There are many different aspects of a play; the playwright, the genre of the play which tells you if it going to be sad, or funny what is the purpose of this play, and then of course everyone who helps bring the play to life which would the characters. Plays, nowadays, usually last for an hour or so but back in the day that…show more content…
Genre tells you what kind of play it is. The classifications of plays into a genre is a matter of opinion not science. The first defined genres were comedy and tragedy, with comedy being the more common one. A comedy is meant to be funny, where tragedy focuses on a universal themes about human life and society and always ends with death. Tragedy was first described by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Shakespeare was a big tragedy person. There is a combination of the plays called tragicomedy where the hero doesn’t die at the end known as a “tragedy that ends happily”. There is documentary drama a play that uses actual documents. A major genre is musicals which is the most commercially successful genre in the American theatre today. Aristotle’s six components of a tragedy are plot, characters, theme, diction, music, and spectacle, in this order. It is thought that he listed plot first because it essentially makes drama dramatic. Plot is what keeps the audience involved so creating a compelling plot shows the playwrights true skill. The primary demands of plot would be logic and suspense. Characters would be the humans who undertake the action of the plot. They have to be liked by the audience or no one will really get into the play, they have to be able to make the audience care about what is happening. We the audience need to be able to identify with the character, we should feel bad for them at
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