William Shakespeare 's The Winter 's Tale

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Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale can be viewed as a tragicomedy that draws upon elements of As You Like It and Othello. Similar themes of trust, love, treachery, infidelity and tyranny are found throughout all three plays. While The Winter’s Tale and As You Like It share similar happy endings, Othello shares more concepts with The Winter’s Tale, but ends with a much more tragic ending. Both Leontes and Othello have severe trust issues and accuse their wives of having affairs. In these plays, both kings end up being incorrect and therefore produce really dramatic story lines. In Othello, Iago plants the seed of jealousy in Othello’s mind, as opposed to in The Winter’s Tale, in which Leontes’s own paranoia feeds this idea in his mind to the point where he orders his wife and baby to be sent away. As You Like It is a play which encompasses themes of love and issues of brotherhood and violation of primogeniture. The conflicts raised at the beginning of the play are resolved at the end of the play just like in The Winter’s Tale. Act V of The Winter’s Tale draws elements from the other plays when the truth is finally revealed about the innocent wives and when there is a happy ending in the plays other than Othello. The main difference between these two plays, is that Othello ends with tragedy and multiple deaths, and The Winter’s Tale ends with family unity and happiness. The Winter’s Tale is labeled as a tragic-comedy because the first three acts of the play feel much like a…
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