William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night

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Shakespeare, the favorite dramatist of all time fascinates himself with the usage of the language of Elizabethan poetic drama. His plays were lived to a full appreciation and pleasure. One of his most common plays full of comedies, twelfth night published in 1623, was written with a well hatched plot where the analysis on love is brought in both comic and tragic situation. The reader will note the three very different story lines within these paragraphs. The following prognostications will outline the final act.
Love is a passion that everyone wishes to live. It’s known as the art of living. Love is represented in many different forms. Similarly the lack of love is the reason for unhappiness and misery. The situation changes to such that at times this desire to be with our loved ones is left incomplete with thousands of obstacles in front of us. In twelfth night, Shakespeare focuses on romantic love. His way of playing around with his word makes the reader wonder on the true lovers who will remain victorious at the end of the play. In the setup, we are brought to two characters identically the same, Viola and her twin brother Sebastian. The reader is under the impression that the resemblance between Viola and Sebastian is not just a coincidence, but it has an important part to be act in the play. Lost by her past, the young women Viola decides to overcome her grief by making her own way in the world. She enters the Duke of Illyria’s palace, Orsino. Her entrance to the

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