William Shakespeare 's ' We Didn 't Start The Fire '

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Patrick Baker

Mrs. Conn

Honors English II

24 November 2015

Shakespeare’s thoughts on Modern Culture

To aide in this paper, I have chosen the song “We didn’t start the Fire,” by Billy Joel to help provide modern events that William Shakespeare’s works can relate to. Shakespeare’s plethora of works provide information about his thoughts on society during his life. Many events and topics that are seen in modern culture are relatable to events that occurred during Shakespeare’s life, such as government, assassinations, and controversies. Shakespeare’s characters from his many plays reflect his thoughts and provide an instant ability to connect modern culture back through Shakespeare’s writing.

Government in England during the time of Shakespeare’s life consisted of a Monarchy.

In the United States the governmental system used is a Representative Democracy (Kurtus). Shakespeare in his life had a strong view on government, “Fit to be govern? You’re not fit to live,” (Macbeth) Shakespeare writes this as Macduff frets over the future of Scotland with Macbeth in command. Shakespeare writes these lines talking about Macbeth, but the lines send a message about Shakespeare’s thoughts on government. Shakespeare’s opinions would still be strong today, with corrupt political systems, the United States needs a man such as William Shakespeare to bring attention through literature to the ruins of our nation’s political system.

Literature has been a crucial part in the

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