William Shakespeare 's ' We Didn 't Start The Fire '

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Patrick Baker

Mrs. Conn

Honors English II

24 November 2015

Shakespeare’s thoughts on Modern Culture

To aide in this paper, I have chosen the song “We didn’t start the Fire,” by Billy Joel to help provide modern events that William Shakespeare’s works can relate to. Shakespeare’s plethora of works provide information about his thoughts on society during his life. Many events and topics that are seen in modern culture are relatable to events that occurred during Shakespeare’s life, such as government, assassinations, and controversies. Shakespeare’s characters from his many plays reflect his thoughts and provide an instant ability to connect modern culture back through Shakespeare’s writing.

Government in England during the time
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Advances in technology is something that has occurred since the beginning of time. Shakespeare was able to write one play in three years (Mabillard) and wrote next to a candle with a quill, where modern day writers are able to type a novel in a few days. Shakespeare had the latest in technology when he was writing some of his most famous plays. If Shakespeare would have had modern technology when he was writing, he could have accessed all of the world’s resources and could have made many more plays. Shakespeare is already one of if not the most famous playwright, and with so many advances in technology, his image could have been so much more.

The assassination of high ranking officials is no stranger in Shakespeare plays. The King of Scotland, King Duncan, is assassinated by Macbeth as a visitor to Macbeth’s home. Assassinations of important officials occur still today too, President Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. Shakespeare’s thoughts would not be politically just today. Through Shakespeare’s plays, we see that assassinations of officials is alright, as long as the public thinks so as well. In today’s culture assassination for one persons’ entertainment is not good in any way.

Going to and attending plays are still a luxury that many people attend today. Shakespeare wrote comedies, histories, and tragedies (Spens) that would have been and still are performed on the biggest stages. Shakespeare would’ve marveled at
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