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William Shakespeare's Hamlet

'Hamlet', written by William Shakespeare around 1600 is one of his most famous and popular plays. Hamlet as a character is created as a complex man who is struggling with powers and plots beyond his ability to control in an effort to seek justice. In the early part of the play, Shakespeare creates some of the themes and introduces the main characters that shall continue throughout it, including Hamlet himself and his Uncle Claudius. Hamlet knows that there was something suspicious concerning the death of his father, and he strongly dislikes his uncle who married his brother's widow and became King. Whilst Hamlet in the opening scenes does not outrightly accuse his
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This theme can also be called deception, and when related to Claudius and Hamlet this seems more appropriate in this scene, since each, more so Hamlet, is covering their true feelings for each other. The audience sees evidence of this with Hamlet's nature towards his uncle. The line 'I shall in all my best, madam' is evidence of his dislike. He is agreeing with his mother, about staying in Denmark rather than returning to Wittenburg, whom he loves and he displays it so obviously as to snub his uncle, whom he dislikes, but at the same time is deceptive about his true feelings for Claudius. The body language of the actor however, would make it clear to the audience that he didn't like him. Indeed, the audience may get the feeling that Claudius does not like Hamlet either, as he is a threat to his power, but conceals this dislike for the sake of his wife, who would be horrified. This is brought across by Claudius' continual referral to Hamlet as his son, which he knows that he does not like, and so does so to anger him. This insensitivity and insult is again showing how deception is used to mask one character's true feelings for another. This theme is also introduced very effectively since it again contributes to the atmosphere of tension that has been created by Hamlet and Claudius in relation to their relationship with one another, and so one theme has been created off the back of another.

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