William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In one of William Shakespeare’s most notorious plays, Hamlet, Shakespeare uses multiple scenes filled with drama to add a certain extreme dimension to the play. In a story filled with drama, such as Hamlet, an author attempts to use intense dialogue and actions in order to invoke personal emotions and feelings in the hearts of the audience. Shakespeare attempted to have the audience feel the pain that Hamlet experienced, sense the feelings of revenge that were deep in the heart of the prince, and be able to place themselves inside the play, as if they were there while the whole thing was taking place. From he first time that we are introduced to the character of Hamlet, we automatically get a sense of his intensity as a human being, yet his professional elegance as a prince (Mabillard, Amanda). In this story, we witness the actions of one young Prince Hamlet as we see his reactions to the news that his uncle not only killed his brother, King Hamlet, but then married his wife to take the crown. Shakespeare’s work shows us how drama can be used to elevate the intensity and interest of an audience in a play. To many people in the English literature community, William Shakespeare is regarded as one of, if not, the most in influential writer and dramatic artist of the 1500s. Shakespeare’s plays and writings have always done much to alter the course of English, and also World literature (Mabillard, Amanda). Though his personal life and views are plagued by scrutiny in the
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