William Shakespeare´s Impact on History Essay

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William Shakespeare was an English poet and a great playwright. He still has a great impact on our history today. Shakespeare has written many plays, including Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. He had very extant works which people could not understand (6). Romeo and Juliet is considered to be one of his more famous plays. His plays were translated into many different languages and styles (6). William Shakespeare was a very talented man who had a great impact on history, during the Renaissance time and still does today.
Shakespeare not only forever changed the face of the fine arts, but also many chapters of various text books. He created new words and aphorisms that have outlived time and are still used today, forever to be embedded in the English language (1). These words are now part of our everyday speech, used without a thought of their historical origin. Also, he incorporated universal themes that actually related to the common people, which started a new writing style entirely (1). His plays greatly differed from the previous styles because he focused primarily on the emotional euphoria rather than the self-promotion brought about by the works sponsored by the church and state (6). He created the globe that changed theater architecture, which was not only a success the visual arts, but forced the elements of the performing arts to further evolve (4 ). This new layout allowed for entertainment for the common people with the large amount of space for the…