William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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William Shakespeare's Macbeth At the beginning of the play, before Macbeth is introduced, the impression given is that he is a very good man indeed. It is as if he was a local hero and could do no wrong. The sergeant refers to him as 'brave Macbeth' and Duncan says "O' valiant cousin!" Worthy gentleman!" Duncan, the king, rewards Macbeth with the title, thane of Cawder, and the previous, treacherous thane having been sentenced to death. People speak of Macbeth's brilliance in comparison with the treachery that he was to replace. Scene 2 is very different and contrasting to Scene 1. The witches in the scene would have immediately triggered an atmosphere of interest and fright in the…show more content…
This is the reason I believe that Lady Macbeth is who really initiates Macbeth's decent into evil. Macbeth has gone from being a hero who was respected by the king to being rewarded by the king with a new title, Thane of Cawder, to now considering murder of the king. The Witches have created such an evil in his head that has conjured this will for the throne, which has grown and grown to this point where he considers murder. However I think that lady Macbeth plays a vital role at this point, she wills Macbeth to kill Duncan, showing her own evil side. Macbeth is in an uneasy state and Lady Macbeth takes advantage of it; eventually the consequences are inevitable. The thing that is bugging Macbeth is the fact he has been told that the crown is his destiny but cannot wait. He has such a great desire for the crown and would prefer his route legitimate. However, Lady Macbeth is spurring on the evil side of him that makes him king sooner rather than later but by murder. When Lady Macbeth hears of what the witches had said to Macbeth she asks him to take her assets and strip her of all her goodness. Overcome by the temptation to be queen, she plays on Macbeth's in-composure. When it comes to the point where Macbeth is confronted with the real possibility of being able to
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