William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing In the play "Much Ado About Nothing", William Shakespeare describes how a person can do a lot of things out of nothing. There are four main characters in this play that find a lot to do about stupid things and it can make things very difficult. The main characters are: Benedick, Claudio, Beatrice, and Hero. Shakespeare explains the roles of these four different characters and how relationships work. It's amazing what he knew 400 years ago about relationships and how it is very similar to today's relationships. Benedick is the young Lord of Padua, and is a man who will never get married nor settle down with one woman. Benedick is what we would call in the nineties, a bachelor.…show more content…
But his thoughts change as he is the victim of a terrible rumor started by Don John the Bastard, the evil brother of Don Pedro. The rumor was that Hero was cheating on Claudio and Don John showed them proof, which was all set up the night before the wedding. Now Claudio didn't take liking to this and at the wedding told Hero it was over and made a fool of her. It all works out in the end as he finds out it was all a lie and he betrayed his love Hero. As a true man he takes responsibility and gives his remorse and things turn out happily ever after. Beatrice is Benedick's love, and Leonato's niece. She is just like Benedick just from a girl's side of view. Those to bicker back and forth at each other so much that a person would think how could they ever fall in love together. Beatrice has a small little crush on Benedick, but it is hard to tell because she makes fun of him all the time. Before Benedick comes into Messina she asks how he is and if he is injured or in other words okay. That is Beatrice's way of dealing with men, she may be a little immature in relationships. Beatrice's views change suddenly also when she overhears the gossip that Benedick has a thing for her and wants to wed her. Now she is also a caught in the middle with the gossip and believes that this is true, that Benedick does have thing for her. Now Beatrice is in love and it is much ado about nothing because
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